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New Community Module available: English-Persian Computer words

Learn English and Persian computer terms for free...

...This user module contains English words with Persian meaning, example and pronunciation. Some flashcards also include images. Thanks a lot to our community member for sharing!

If you wish to share a module and need our support, contact us at:

Posted by LearnLift
Thursday, 15. January 15.01.09 05:46 in MemoryLifter

Sleepless in Seattle: MemoryLifter on tour

MemoryLifter will exhibit at the 14th National Conference ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) in the Washington Trade and Convention Center in March 2009. As part of the Combined Books Exhibit stall, we will be happy to give you plenty of information about our newest MemoryLifter Multimedia Learning Suite Chinese Characters and provide you with MemoryLifter vouchers.

We are looking forward to meeting you personally!

Posted by Rehana
Thursday, 12. February 12.02.09 08:30 in MemoryLifter, General

First cooperation product with publishing house LANGENSCHEIDT

MemoryLifter is proud to announce the release of the first cooperation product with the highly reputable publishing house Langenscheidt.

MemoryLifter has developed a Learning Module that accompanies the English book Your Turn by Georg Hellmayr. This book is being used in many schools in Austria and the MemoryLifter Learning Module helps the students train English vocabulary words.

Posted by Rehana
Sunday, 29. March 29.03.09 09:41 in MemoryLifter, General

Now Available: International Engineering Chinese-English/English-Chinese

Learn electrotechnical and electronic terms in a flash and get ready for a globalized world. Nowadays globalization has a tremendous impact on almost every business activity, including the electronic and electrotechnical industry. For optimized international communication the knowledge of technical vocabulary has become indispensable. Therefore LearnLift has developed MemoryLifter International Engineering Learning Modules, now also available in Chinese and English!

This specialized learning tool for engineers, technicians, sales people, translators, technical writers, students and other experts in the field of engineering can be downloaded here.

Each module contains 500 flashcards with electronic and electrotechnical terms in English and Chinese in subjects such as semiconductor engineering, mathematics, and power and protection engineering. Most flashcards contain an image that supports the memorization process or disambiguates the meaning of terms.

Posted by Rehana
Tuesday, 14. April 14.04.09 08:45 in MemoryLifter, General

Now Available: Anatomy Flashcard Bundle with high-quality images

Learn the Latin and common names of the bones in the human skeletal system!...

...This flashcard bundle contains two Learning Modules, Bones of the Human Body and an add-on module featuring a comparison of the English Common Names and Latin Names of bones.

The Bones of the Human Body Learning Module contains 750 flashcards with photographs of bones and bone section, their  common English names, as well as their Latin names. The Learning Module is divided into four chapters which can be selected individually for learning:

  • Cranium (skull)
  • Extremitas superior (upper extremity)
  • Extremitas inferior (lower extremity)
  • Truncus (trunk)
Posted by Rehana
Saturday, 16. May 16.05.09 06:48 in MemoryLifter, General

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