Top Features

learning software

Free educational learning software MemoryLifter is a free virtual flashcard system. Download your free copy to make studying fun and easy!

Scientifically based

Scientifically based MemoryLifter is scientifically based on the Leitner card box algorithm. Benefit from automation, controlled repetition and timed spacing making learning highly efficient.

Innovative multimedia technology

Innovative multimedia technology MemoryLifter incorporates multimedia elements like images, audio, and video. Enhance your learning by involving your senses!

Multiple learning modes

Supports multiple learning modes MemoryLifter supports many learning modes such as multiple choice, typing, image recognition, and listening comprehension to suit your individual learning style. Choose your favorite settings to create a customized learning environment.

Universally applicable

Universally applicable MemoryLifter applies to all knowledge areas – whether you want to learn Spanish, capital cities or famous paintings. Create your own Learning Module or download one from our website and start learning today!

Network Solution

Network Solution MemoryLifter network solution enables you to set up virtual study groups by creating user profiles and managing flashcards on a centralized database server. Easily distribute your flashcards to your students or colleagues for a powerful collaborative learning experience!


MemoryLifter uses Advanced Installer to create its setup.