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In this issue we would like to introduce you to our community forum. The forum enables you to ask questions, get advice and exchange thoughts and ideas with other learners. We present a screenshot of a thread with content that could be of interest to you. A user is looking for a Japanese module. Our MemoryLifter Content Manager recommends a community module. This raises the question of how to place your own modules on our flashcard platform.

Forum thread part 1

Forum thread part 1

Flashcard Platform

 Brainy's tip

MemoryLifter allows you to customize learning, i.e. to adapt settings to your personal requirements. If you wish to avoid going through all of the setting options by yourself, however, you can choose a so-called "TEACHER". TEACHERS are presets for the settings offered in the "Learning Options" menu. The main differences between the TEACHERS are their mode of asking questions and expecting answers, their strictness regarding orthographical and typing mistakes, their tolerance concerning the number of items in an answer and time limits they set.

The STRICT TEACHER, for example, creates multiple correct answers in the multiple choice mode and expects all possible answers typed correctly in the standard mode. You learn under a certain time pressure. Mr. NICE GUY on the other hand is quite tolerant, does not set any time limits, is satisfied with one answer possibility and is case insensitive.

MemoryLifter is available for free. The success of this freeware depends on whether people recommend it to others. Please forward this newsletter or tell a friend.



  • 2009