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Aviation NATO Phonetic Alphabet
Aviation NATO Phonetic Alphabet by MemoryLifter Community
This Learning Module contains the Aviation NATO Alphabet with its code words.
College Entry - Critical Reading
College Entry - Critical Reading by LearnLift
The "College Entry - Critical Reading " Learning Module contains 390 cards arranged in two chapters.
College Entry - Irregular Verbs
College Entry - Irregular Verbs by LearnLift
The "College Entry - Irregular Verbs " Learning Module is part of the "Multimedia Learning Suite - Prep for the SAT". This module contains 350 English irregular verbs, arranged in three chapters roughly based on frequency of occurrence.
College Entry - Math
College Entry - Math by LearnLift
The "College Entry - Math " Learning Module contains 1150 cards arranged in 18 chapters.
College Entry - Vocabulary
College Entry - Vocabulary by LearnLift
The "College Entry - Vocabulary" Learning Module contains 1400 cards with audio files arranged in 13 different chapters.
College Entry - Writing
College Entry - Writing by LearnLift
The "College Entry - Writing" Learning Module contains 330 cards arranged in three chapters.
Football World Cup Results
Football World Cup Results by LearnLift
This Learning Module contains 94 cards with FIFA-World Cup (soccer) results from all semi-finals, third-place-matches and finales in history (1930-2006).
Spelling Alphabets
Spelling Alphabets by LearnLift
This Learning Module contains 16 different spelling alphabets, each as one chapter.
World Airport Codes
World Airport Codes by LearnLift
This Learning Module contains 9481 cards with airport abbreviations (codes) for all airports worldwide, arranged by continents in 7 chapters.
9 of 153 for Miscellaneous  –  All Learning Modules