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First cooperation product with publishing house LANGENSCHEIDT

MemoryLifter is proud to announce the release of the first cooperation product with the highly reputable publishing house Langenscheidt.

MemoryLifter has developed a Learning Module that accompanies the English book Your Turn by Georg Hellmayr. This book is being used in many schools in Austria and the MemoryLifter Learning Module helps the students train English vocabulary words.

Posted by Rehana
Sunday, 29. March 29.03.09 09:41 in MemoryLifter, General

Do you want to forget something unpleasant in your past?

Remember when your little sister flushed your goldfish down the toilet, or when you audibly passed gas while you were giving a presentation in your high-school chemistry class? Cherished memories, right? Not likely. Well, here is your chance to rid yourself of these unpleasant memories once and for all.

ERASE them with MemoryEraser!

Based on a recent scientific breakthrough, MemoryEraser allows you to effectively "erase" unwanted memories. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions. And don't worry, it's perfectly safe, really. Ignorance is bliss!

MemoryEraser English
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MemoryEraser Deutsch
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MemoryEraser Español
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While I cannot guarantee that you will actually lose any unwanted memories, I can guarantee that you will gain a smile :-). 

Posted by Benjamin
Saturday, 7. March 7.03.09 00:43 in General

Sleepless in Seattle: MemoryLifter on tour

MemoryLifter will exhibit at the 14th National Conference ACRL (Association of College & Research Libraries) in the Washington Trade and Convention Center in March 2009. As part of the Combined Books Exhibit stall, we will be happy to give you plenty of information about our newest MemoryLifter Multimedia Learning Suite Chinese Characters and provide you with MemoryLifter vouchers.

We are looking forward to meeting you personally!

Posted by Rehana
Thursday, 12. February 12.02.09 08:30 in MemoryLifter, General

With MemoryLifter, you can't get it out of your head!

Let's say you are a skater, what would be your favorite thing to do…learning? Probably not… These guys aren't very fond of learning either. But since one has tried MemoryLifter to learn physics, he can't get the "crap" out of his head.

See how they try to forget. And maybe learning has also its positive side, even for these two lazy guys… Check it out:

Posted by Benjamin
Friday, 16. January 16.01.09 00:43 in General


Posted by Stefan
Thursday, 15. January 15.01.09 22:13 in General



Posted by Jasmin
Thursday, 15. January 15.01.09 22:07 in General

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