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Posted by Stefan
Thursday, 15. January 15.01.09 22:13 in General



Posted by Jasmin
Thursday, 15. January 15.01.09 22:07 in General

The MemoryLifter community board

In this issue we would like to introduce you to our community forum. The forum enables you to ask questions, get advice and exchange thoughts and ideas with other learners. We present a screenshot of a thread with content that could be of interest to you. A user is looking for a Japanese module. Our MemoryLifter Content Manager recommends a community module. This raises the question of how to place your own modules on our flashcard platform.

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Posted by Rehana
Thursday, 1. January 1.01.09 02:11 in Newsletter

All's Well That Ends Well

It is almost impossible, even for me, to plan a project down to the last detail. My team and I, we have learned by experience that almost every project requires a certain amount of luck, spontaneity, flexibility and the open-mindedness to learn new things. Although we have a great team with highly skilled reindeers and elves, unexpected things can happen. However, sometimes such problems can result in very enriching intercultural friendships...

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Posted by Rehana
Wednesday, 31. December 31.12.08 10:13 in Newsletter

The fog

The story I am about to tell you happened to a friend of mine, Sam Lamar. Sam is a software engineer and many consider him a genius in his field. Well, it was a chilly October evening and Sam was on his way home from a conference. He was driving along the coast, when, all of a sudden, his car entered a heavy fog bank. Sam turned on the fog lights and inadvertently thought about the tragic death of his pet hamster, Aldridge, who escaped from his cage and was run over by a truck last May. "Oh Aldridge," he sighed. But Sam couldn't afford to allow this sad memory to distract him, because he had to focus all of his attention on the road. The fog was growing thicker and thicker, and even the strong fog lights of Sam's car couldn't cut the heavy mist anymore. "What is this?" Sam thought to himself. "The fog isn't normally this thick around here."

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Posted by Daniela
Friday, 31. October 31.10.08 11:15 in Newsletter

Ready for a snooze?

Woman or man, boy or girl - with MemoryLifter you can learn efficiently and without stress. For this reason MemoryLifter provides an automated learning planner. This feature acts like a learning alarm clock to regularly quiz you and help you remember information faster and longer. If you are busy and want to pause while learning, you can activate the Snooze Mode (Tools->Snooze Mode), and MemoryLifter will go away for a specified amount of time and then popup to start again. To specify this amount of time open the Learning Options menu and click the "Snooze/Quit Planner" tab. Then select "After a specific time (min)" and type in the amount of minutes into the "Snooze and popup every" textboxes. Confirm with OK.

Posted by Rehana
Tuesday, 28. October 28.10.08 05:22 in Brainy

Audio recording made easy

You can, of course, also incorporate your own mnemonic compositions into your learning process. The MemoryLifter software enables you to include audio files easily. When you go to the Cards->Maintain menu you will see different buttons called "Audio". Click on them to include existing audio files or to create new recordings. MemoryLifter also provides the Opens internal link in current windowMemoryLifter Recorder as an additional tool, which makes recording and attaching sound files to Learning Modules easier than ever before.

Posted by Benjamin
Friday, 10. October 10.10.08 04:12 in Brainy

Learning on the go

Have you heard of the Opens internal link in current windowMemoryLifter Audiobook Generator yet? This tool allows you to create one single audio file from your Learning Module and take it with you wherever you go. My boss, for example, really likes learning by listening on-the-go and tried the Opens external link in current windowMemoryLifter English <=> Hindi Learning Module.

Posted by Brainy
Wednesday, 24. September 24.09.08 03:46 in Brainy

Somewhere over the rainbow...

If we have to cope with a problem, we are sometimes told to sleep on it, i.e. to put off our decision until the next morning. People tend to believe that the brain continues to nag at a problem during sleep, or that after sleep the brain has more energy to cope with the problem...

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Posted by Rehana
Monday, 1. September 1.09.08 09:52 in Newsletter

3, 2, 1, Action!

The MemoryLifter software also provides you with the possibility to include videos into your Learning Modules and offers you a way to make your learning experience something social, interactive and, of course, fun. For this you just need to go to the Maintain Cards menu (Cards/Maintain) and click on the Video button.

Posted by Benjamin
Tuesday, 26. August 26.08.08 03:42 in Brainy

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