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MemoryLifter 2.4 - now with free Learning Modules

A new version of MemoryLifter has been released. The popular flashcard software is now open source and all learning content that was developed and formerly sold by LearnLift is available to the community for free. 

Users can now choose from more than 150 free Learning Modules, including multiple foreign language modules featuring audio and images, as well as modules in the applied sciences, arts, natural sciences, social sciences, and learning modules for college entry exam preparation. These modules can be downloaded easily via the integrated MemoryLifter feed.  Customers who previously purchased Learning Modules from LearnLift should continue to use MemoryLifter 2.3 for these modules, but it is possible to run MemoryLifter 2.4 in parallel. 

For more information and to download MemoryLifter 2.4 visit:

Posted by christoph
Friday, 6. April 6.04.12 02:47 in Startpage, General, MemoryLifter

MemoryLifter on Designing Spaces

We are proud to announce that MemoryLifter is featured on the latest episode of "Designing Spaces", a popular home improvement show in the US.  The title of our segment is "Tips to Personalize and Boost your Memory" and can be watched at

For those who prefer to watch the show on TV, we have several regional showings in the United States (check the airing schedule on the Designing Spaces website).

Have fun and keep on learning!

Posted by Tobias
Friday, 11. June 11.06.10 04:30 in Startpage, General, MemoryLifter

Happy New Year 4647!

No, this is not a joke. The Chinese New Year has just begun and this is a very good reason to celebrate together!  That's why we would like to invite you to take advantage of our Chinese New Year specials:

  • 25% off our Simplified Chinese products for MemoryLifter - valid until the end of February 2010 (redeem the coupon code "NewYear4647" in our online store)
  • We are giving away 50 promo codes for our Chinese language learning apps for the iPhone and the iPod touch (to be redeemed in the Apple app store) - please contact
  • A 20% discount on your next online Chinese course at (use the coupon code CID2061)

Have fun and keep on learning!

Posted by Tobias
Monday, 15. February 15.02.10 02:00 in Startpage, General, MemoryLifter

MemoryLifter 2.3 now available!

We're proud to announce the release of MemoryLifter 2.3. This new version includes several bug fixes, as well as the following new features and improvements:

  • New custom skins and a significant improvement of the look and feel of MemoryLifter.
  • Smarter feedback boxes that disappear after the initial feedback is given.
  • A new 'Deactivate' button in the main window allowing you to disable cards you no longer want to learn (cards can be reactivated in the Maintain Cards dialog).
  • You can now browse through Learning Modules that are available online and download content more easily on the start page!
  • MemoryLifter error reporting has been automated. If an error occurs, it is no longer necessary to manually send an email to LearnLift.

Opens internal link in current windowDownload the new version from here.

Posted by Alexander
Monday, 8. February 8.02.10 11:50 in Startpage, General, Development, MemoryLifter

Two Awards of Excellence for MemoryLifter

We are proud to announce that MemoryLifterTM 2.2 and MemoryLifterTM for the iPhoneTM and iPod-Touch® have been awarded the 2009 Tech & Learning Award of Excellence - MemoryLifter 2.2 in the category of "Best Upgraded Products" for significant enhancements to our proven educational tool and MemoryLifter for the iPhoneTM and iPod-Touch® in the category "New Products" for ground-breaking innovation.

Tech & Learning's Awards of Excellence program has been recognizing outstanding educational technology products for the last 27 years. With a solid reputation in the industry as a long-standing, high-quality program, the Awards of Excellence recognizes both the "best of the best" and creative new offerings that help educators in the business of teaching, training, and managing with technology. Evaluation criteria include quality and effectiveness, ease of use, creative use of technology, and suitability for use in an educational environment.

Get the latest version of the award-winning freeware MemoryLifter 2.2 and also try the latest beta version. Check out the innovative, new MemoryLifter for the iPhoneTM and iPod-Touch® on the App Store.

Posted by Tobias
Tuesday, 3. November 3.11.09 03:36 in General, Startpage, MemoryLifter

MemoryLifter 2.2.2 Beta

We're proud to announce the release of the new MemoryLifter 2.2.2 Beta. This version includes several bug fixes, as well as the following new features and improvements:

  • The MemoryLifter Shop is now accessable directly through the start page! Including categorized listings and title search.
  • Automatic update - MemoryLifter can now check for, download, and install newer releases and beta releases.
  • MemoryLifter error reporting is now fully-automated. No longer do you need to manually send an email to us, now just select what files you would like to send us with the report and press send.
  • Added a 'Deactivate' button to the main window to allow you to disable cards you no longer want to learn (cards can be reactivated in the Maintain Cards dialog).

Please download the new version from our Opens internal link in current windowdownload page or from the Opens internal link in current windowLiftlab.

Posted by Alexander
Wednesday, 7. October 7.10.09 05:24 in Startpage, MemoryLifter, Development

Brand new, high-quality Multimedia Learning Suite "Spanish" available

Learn Spanish in a fun new way! New MemoryLifter Multimedia Learning Suite Spanish has been developed together with highly qualified experts.

This complete learning system includes the scientifically based MemoryLifter learning software and more than 3,500 multimedia flashcards, containing audio, images, and text - all on a compact USB stick. No installation is required, your learning progress is always saved.

Additional materials such as an introductory video to familiarize you with MemoryLifter, a complementary study guide, a tips and tricks booklet "Learn to Learn", MP3 audiobooks for playback on portable listening devices, and a special verbwheel for looking up and practicing irregular Spanish verb forms are included to round off your learning adventure.

Posted by Rehana
Tuesday, 23. June 23.06.09 04:54 in MemoryLifter, General, Startpage

Release MemoryLifter 2.2

High usability, sophisticated design, new features: The new MemoryLifter version 2.2 is now available for free download!

We are proud to announce the new MemoryLifter version 2.2. The new version makes your learning experience even more comfortable and fun with:

  • modern, instructionally designed user-interface skins, simplified menus and toolbar,
  • a new file format that allows you to store all data in one file and increases data security, and
  • a server-based solution that enables you to open or learn Learning Modules from a central database.

Opens internal link in current windowFollow this link to read more

Posted by Rehana
Monday, 22. June 22.06.09 03:50 in MemoryLifter, Development

Now Available: Anatomy Flashcard Bundle with high-quality images

Learn the Latin and common names of the bones in the human skeletal system!...

...This flashcard bundle contains two Learning Modules, Bones of the Human Body and an add-on module featuring a comparison of the English Common Names and Latin Names of bones.

The Bones of the Human Body Learning Module contains 750 flashcards with photographs of bones and bone section, their  common English names, as well as their Latin names. The Learning Module is divided into four chapters which can be selected individually for learning:

  • Cranium (skull)
  • Extremitas superior (upper extremity)
  • Extremitas inferior (lower extremity)
  • Truncus (trunk)
Posted by Rehana
Saturday, 16. May 16.05.09 06:48 in MemoryLifter, General

Now Available: International Engineering Chinese-English/English-Chinese

Learn electrotechnical and electronic terms in a flash and get ready for a globalized world. Nowadays globalization has a tremendous impact on almost every business activity, including the electronic and electrotechnical industry. For optimized international communication the knowledge of technical vocabulary has become indispensable. Therefore LearnLift has developed MemoryLifter International Engineering Learning Modules, now also available in Chinese and English!

This specialized learning tool for engineers, technicians, sales people, translators, technical writers, students and other experts in the field of engineering can be downloaded here.

Each module contains 500 flashcards with electronic and electrotechnical terms in English and Chinese in subjects such as semiconductor engineering, mathematics, and power and protection engineering. Most flashcards contain an image that supports the memorization process or disambiguates the meaning of terms.

Posted by Rehana
Tuesday, 14. April 14.04.09 08:45 in MemoryLifter, General

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